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Full Synopsis

The legendary epic of Putri Santubong is a mythical drama depicting the birth of a powerful Malay kingdom that grew into a flourishing society that have developed advance technologies in agriculture, weaving and culture, including music, dance and crafts.

Rising from the depth of true South China Sea, stood a majestic mountain of unknown origin, now known as Gunung Santubong. According to the legend, high above the mountains, shrouded in thick mist and clouds, lie the mystical Kayangan, a land populated by mythical beings with supernatural abilities and ruled by a powerful princess, Putri Santubong.

Our story begins with Putri Santubong, sitting in her throne in the crystal palace. Saddened by the sufferings faced by the people on earth, she started to devise plans to transform their lives with the help of the seven princesses, members of her court.

The seven princesses were sent down to 3 different locations on earth, assisted by 2 mystical birds, Burung Bayan and Burung Merpati. Before they descended to earth, Putri Santubong forbid them to fall in love with sons of men; and abstained from eating chicken which was considered wild.

On earth, the seven princesses introduced the art of weaving, rice farming and taught dances, crafts and music. However, even with all good intentions, they faced difficulties and challenges and needed reinforcements from Kayangan.

Meanwhile in Kayangan, love blossomed between Putri Santubong and Kijang Mas who swore unending love and allegiance to her. Going against taboo, Putri Sejinjang fell in love with Dato Nakhoda, Captain of the Golden Ark.

A powerful member of the guards, Iswaraja was a handsome, powerful being but was hot tempered and ambitious. He was in love with Putri Sejinjang, but his lust of power got better of him and he started a rebellion. His treachery exposed, by Kijang Mas, he was punished, cursed into a troll, and exiled to earth to be the guardian of a dead well in Tanah Emas.

His hatred towards Putri Santubong and Kijang Mas knew no bounds as he planned to exact revenge on them and their followers, even in the constraint of his exile.

What follows would be a series of explosive actions, packed with dances and songs in a night of magic to be staged live at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Damai.

This is a story of adventure, of fierce loyalties and sacrifices, of the battle between the forces of good and evil, of jealousies and exacting revenge. It is an epic drama interlaced with romance between the mystical beings with each other and the earth people. It is also a heart wrenching story of undying love and devotion of Kijang Mas, who transformed as a deer brought the mighty ruler and lover down to earth in Putri Santubong’s quest to bring peace and prosperity on earth and to later build the Nusantara Empire.

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